15 Kids Christmas Movies.

With December 1st right around the corner, the Christmas festivities will be in full effect very soon! We love to watch Christmas movies around here, so I thought I’d share some of our most favorite movies for kids! Sometimes it’s for family movie night, sometimes it’s in the background while we bake, or decorate!

The majority of these movies are all family friendly, like 14 out of 15 of the movies! The only one I would hesitate to say isn’t family friendly is the Christmas Vacation one, that movie might have some language that isn’t suitable for little ones.

Here are some of our most favorite kid movies for the Christmas season! In no particular order…

I was inspired by Slices of Life for this post! We just love movies at our house, and it was fun to compile these fifteen favorites for kids. I can’t wait to start watching some of these in the next few weeks!

Movie Night – Coco

Last week’s movie night was Coco! At first, I wasn’t into this one at all but after Hadley watched it a second time the next night it was super cute! Here’s how it went with all the snacks!

I printed off a few fun signs and taped them to the cabinets in the kitchen.

The snacks were super low key, there wasn’t many snacks that related to this movie that Hadley would like. The only thing semi-related would be the queso cheese and chips! Everything else I just tossed on the tray from our pantry. Doritos, Pok√©mon fruit snacks, and rice krispies treats.

The drink was one of Hadleys favorites, raspberry lemonade.

We’ve started to love Friday night movie nights! Hadley always comes home from school super excited to find out what movie it is! I love creating these memories with her. I hope she looks back on her childhood and just smiles when she thinks of all the movie nights we had!

*Spoiler alert – I really hope the afterlife is one big party like this movie! It’s soo cute!

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Movie Night – We Bought a Zoo

Last week’s movie night was We Bought a Zoo with Matt Damon. It’s an older movie, but a cute one. Here is how it went with all the yummy snacks and all!

I’m keeping the banner and bats up until after Halloween, so that will always be there and not really part of the movie decor. I printed a few signs from the movie and taped them on the wall above the bar cart. The snacks were fun to come up with, and Hadley liked most of them but not all. She wasn’t a fan of the zebra cakes, or the gorilla poop which were chocolate covered raisins.

Hungry hippo dip was a hit, and I used regular and frosted animal crackers for dipping.
Snake eggs were plain grapes.

Gorilla poop was chocolate covered raisins.
Snake pit was sour gummy worms.

Tiger tails were cheetos.
Zebra cakes were literally zebra cakes.

Croc teeth were cut up apples, that she didn’t eat!

Waterhole juice was not very good, but it was fun to look at! It consisted of Hawaiian Punch green berry, ginger ale, and pineapple juice. It was too fruity for me, and Hadley just didn’t like it.

The little girl in this movie is too cute! She loves living at their new house with a zoo. And the twenty seconds of insane courage is a line from the dad to his son. It’s a cute movie!

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Movie Night – Minions The Rise of Gru

We’ve been wanting to see the new Minions movie! You’re either a fan or not of the Minions. For me, I think the first two movies are cute, the Rise of Gru was just okay. My daughter Hadley loved it.

For this movie, I was not as prepared as past movie nights but as I always say the kids don’t really care about all the fancy stuff. I try to remind myself to not overdo it, but sometimes I just can’t help myself. I love doing this stuff! And they will only be so little for so long!

For the goodies, I prepared some Minion type snacks at the last minute, and I think it turned out pretty good. For the twinkies, I printed out a free label I found online and tape it around each one. We already had blue and yellow Oreo packs, for the banana pudding I drew with a sharpie Minion faces, taped the same twinkie label on the bananas, had Minion fruit snacks, and hand picked out the yellow and blue M&M’s and threw in some candy eyes. Already had some yellow and blue paper plates, and that is it!

For the signs, I literally go on Google and search Minion movie under images. Figure out which ones I like best, print them, and tape them up wherever.

Movie night is a favorite around our house. Gives us something to look forward to and unwind for the end of the week. Super simple and easy.

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Neighborhood outdoor movie night.

We hosted our first neighborhood movie night last weekend! We figured summer is coming to an end, and it’s a fun way to celebrate the ending of summer.

We are kind of new to the neighborhood, well sort of, like almost four years now. We know most of the neighbors on our street, but there are a few on the private drives we don’t know.

I started the planning by making invitations, and if you don’t already know I love a good paper invite. I will always love paper invites! We all walked around the neighborhood one night and passed the invites out by hand. For those that weren’t home, we taped the invite to the door. The invite down below is what I designed and for the blog I blocked out our address / contact info for privacy reasons.

We figured Cheaper by the Dozen was a good family friendly movie to start out with, to see how it goes!

As mentioned in the invite above, we provided all the snacks! We just asked everyone to bring their own drinks and chairs, etc.

We went to our local movie theater and bought the good yummy buttery movie popcorn! I did not know you could do this until I called one day and randomly asked. They sell them to go! It was the best idea and tasted so good!

Next to the popcorn was a mini popcorn bar. I had metal tins filled with M&M’s, reeses pieces, gummy bears, and roasted peanuts. Also, had popcorn seasoning! They all loved the different flavors of seasoning to pick from, I think the favorite was garlic parmesan and white cheddar.

On the other table was the all the candy, and cracker jacks. Not pictured on the two-tiered tray was cupcakes, we had them in the fridge until the last minute and I forgot to take a picture once we brought them out. The cupcake wrappers matched the tablecloths!

Kevin and Huxley chilling in the garage! Our garage had never been so clean, I made a note to myself to start cleaning out the garage once a month. Mainly because during the cleaning process, Kevin spilled bleach on the floor and after that it looked super clean! haha

We had a box fan set up for some air flow, and bug spray in case anyone gets eaten alive like I do! However, I will say, Kevin sprayed the bug stuff in the yard the day before and it worked great. No one got any bug bites!

It was so much fun, and I’m glad the neighbors enjoyed it! Hadley enjoyed herself, even though she was the only kiddo. One set of kids were on vacation, and the other set of kids had plans. We had two of the smaller kids come, but they didn’t last long because they were ages two and four. I’m glad they hung out for a little bit.

Hadley is always such a trooper whatever she does. She started out on her blanket on the side of the yard, and then moved over closer to all of us. Huxley was semi-good for it, he ate right as the movie started, and then woke up two hours later. I missed like half of it, but it was still a great night!

One fun way to celebrate the ending of summer is a neighborhood movie night. Everyone can’t wait for the next one! It was so nice to watch a movie under the stars. It was a great night!

Movie Night – The Sandlot.

Every once in awhile, we will do a movie night! It’s usually a super random on a whim night. Which means I end up throwing things together at the last minute, but it doesn’t take much when you have little kiddos!

Photo via: Pinterest

Sometimes the kids pick the movie, other times it’s a surprise. This nights pick was The Sandlot! It’s definitely an oldie, and one I remember watching as a kid. I thought it would be a good pick since Hadley just started playing softball.

We do movie nights in our basement where we have a little bar area, and put up some small decorations. I always go with the idea that less is more. Hadley is six years old, and she doesn’t need much when it’s just her and I doing a movie night. Dad was at work, and the big kids weren’t with us.

Printed out a baseball from Google images and taped it to the TV.

I bought the small candy bars that remind me of baseball, and the main idea of the movie has to do with Babe Ruth! So I bought some mini babe ruth bars too. If you don’t know about Babe Ruth and how he ties into this movie, then you need to go watch it!

For the ice cold beverages, I bought all kid friendly drinks in the old fashion glass bottles! Shirley Temple, Ginger Ale, and Root Beer. Of course my picky kid didn’t like any of them, but she did try them! I had this small wooden crate, and printed out an “ice cold” sign and taped it to the front of the crate.

Added two small bags of classic Lay’s chips, and some boxed candy from the dollar store. For the plates, all I did was print out a baseball, cut it out, and taped it to the paper plates. Super simple!

We had a fun movie night! Just love introducing Hadley to the older movies I watched as a kid. She was a little scared of the big mean dog, but I kept telling her he’s just like a big Beethoven. She loves bringing her blankets, and pillow down to the basement, and getting all comfy with her snacks. It’s a fun tradition to do with the kids!