Friday favorites.

Happy Friday everyone! It’s been a week around here; we’ve all came down with some sort of cold / sickness. Nothing major that we didn’t recover from in a day or so, but Kevin seems to have gotten it the worst.


We’ve been on a Chick-Fil-A sauce kick lately. We cut up some chicken breast, put some Montreal steak seasoning on chicken, and cook it in the skillet. Yes, you read that right, we’ll put steak seasoning on chicken. If you haven’t tried it, you should, it’s soo good! You can buy the sauce here.


When Huxley started to get a stuffy nose this week, I bought this kit off of Amazon. I’m a huge preventative person and like to nip sickness in the bud as soon as it starts. I don’t want anything to turn into something worse. And sometimes yes, it will turn into something worse, but it can’t hurt to get a head start on the process. I put two drops of the vapor drops in his diffuser in his room, it’s not too strong and I’ll only put it on for an hour time limit when he takes his naps. I don’t put it on all night. The vapor rub, I’ll rub a tiny bit under his nostrils after I clean them out with one of those nose squirters they give you from the hospital. He still sounds a little congested and seems to be helping. Kit can be found here.


I bought this toy for our trip to the beach, and Huxley is still loving it. All the rubber things pull through the top, and he can chew on them safely, and it entertains him. Toy can be found here.


Huxley just started to crawl! He’s not full-on crawling, but he’s doing it his own weird way for right now until he can fully grasp it. He’ll either get up on all fours, and crawl super-fast, or he’ll lie on his stomach and push with his legs and get his one arm stuck so he’ll roll over and then move to where he wants to go. He’ll do that over and over until he gets to where he wants to be. So now, we have to make sure all the tiny little things are off the floor, or he’ll find them and put them in his mouth!


Today is two years with my Telluride. And I’m still loving it so much! It’s given me zero trouble, and it’s my favorite SUV I’ve driven so far. Well, I take that back. When we had the big Yukon, that was probably my favorite SUV, it was so big, and we had so much room. But the Telluride, it’s pretty good also. Still loving it two years later. I wrote more about my Telluride last year here.

Happy Friday everyone! Have a great weekend.

As always, thanks for reading!

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