What I ordered from Amazon in November 2022.

Hi friends! Happy first week of December! Here is what I ordered from Amazon this November. Mainly birthday stuff for Hadley, and more clothes for Huxley.

We bought the Nintendo switch for Hadleys birthday, this thing is not cheap, so this was about the only thing she got! Besides a few small dollar store type things, this was the big and only thing. Switch can be found here.

We usually get our baby wipes at Sams Club, but I needed some sooner than later, so I ordered some on Amazon and they came super quick. I love the baby fresh smell, it’s the best! Wipes can be found here.

For Hadleys 8th birthday, she had the party animal themed and wanted to be “Hippo Hadley”, so we found this adorable shirt on Amazon! She was happy, a t-shirt and shorts were her birthday outfit. I no longer try for the cute frilly dresses; she’s passed that stage. You can read more about her animal themed birthday party here. Shirt can be found here.

A turkey outfit for our little turkey Huxley, he wore this for Thanksgiving Day! Outfit can be found here.

This pumpkin sweatshirt and little sweats were so cute for little Huxley, I bought for him to wear during the fall season. Outfit can be found here.

We used these beads for Hadleys birthday party, her and her friends made the stuffed animals’ collars. The girls had so much fun! Beads can be found here.

More beads for the stuffed animal collars, just solid colors to mix in with the lettered beads. Beads can be found here.

If you haven’t tried Burts Bees brands for your baby, then please try it out! I just love the brand; everything is super soft. One of Huxleys favorite blankets is from Burts Bees! Footies can be found here.

Hadley wanted her brother to match her for her birthday party, so I searched for a hippo onesie all over and found these four packs of animals. He wore the gray hippo onesie with black pants. Onesies can be found here.

With Huxley growing like a weed, he is already in need of bigger footies for bedtime. I ordered these onesies at 18 months for pajamas. They fit him like a glove. Onesies can be found here.

Sometimes at night, I’ll put one of these short sleeve onesies on under Huxleys footies so he’s not so cold. His room can get freezing! Onesies can be found here.

When Huxley got his first cold earlier last month, we used these wipes, and they were amazing! I used them on his nose quite often, and I feel like they helped. I even used them on myself a few times, it was like blowing your nose with a Vicks vapor stick! The bad thing is I ordered these on November 30th, and they still haven’t arrived. Hoping we won’t need to use them anytime soon but wanted to have some at home for any future colds that may or may not come during the winter season. Wipes can be found here.

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