Our 2022 Christmas card.

This year we used the company Simply to Impress, which we have used before a few times. I’ve always been happy with how they turn out.

The cards always arrive in such a cute and festive box!

For this year’s picture, we were all at a friends bonfire and we asked some lady to take our photo with the fall foliage in the background. We weren’t color coordinated, we weren’t dressed up, we were all wearing whatever that day but for some weird reason I just love this photo. It was way less stressful to use a photo like this, than to coordinate outfits, fight with Hadley about doing her hair, what shoes to wear, all the things that come with taking a photo for a Christmas card.

Everyone is smiling, and happy and I love it!

In case you missed it, here is last year’s Christmas card:
2021 Christmas card

4 thoughts on “Our 2022 Christmas card.

  1. And they still turned out beautiful! LOL. We have a family photo like that— we were at a climbing park and ran into a friend who snapped a quick picture of us all that just turned out great (even if we weren’t all coordinated and planned). I liked it so much I blew it up and had it framed on our wall for years.

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