Hadley is 9.

Happiest 9th birthday to our sweet Hadley!

As you celebrate this special day, may you always remember just how strong, amazing, kind, and beautiful you are – inside and out. You are so loved and truly one of a kind. Here’s to wishing you your best year yet – a year full of joy, happiness, love, and unforgettable memories. May all your wildest birthday wishes and dreams come true.

We love you so much!

♥ Mom

Home Depot Themed 1st Birthday Party.

We celebrated Huxley turning one, Home Depot style! Online, you can order the kids workshop kits to be shipped for your home. You don’t get the choice of which kit, but it was still so fun for the kids. The table tennis kit was the one we were sent, and the kids loved it. Here is the setup of the kids workshop.

For the front door, I wrapped some boxes I had already in white kraft paper, and made some signs in Photoshop, and taped them on each box. Made a large sign for the front door that says, Caution 1 year old ahead! And a chalkboard sign that says, “Welcome workers, please report to your supervisor Huxley!”

Decorations as you walk into our living room area. Lots of caution tape, happy birthday banner, construction balloons, and streamers.

Part of the food area was the most fun part to make!
– Nuts and bolts = trail mix
– Wrecking balls = whoppers
– 2×4 = wafer cookies
– Pipes = red vines
– Nails = veggie straws
– Plywood = graham crackers

Cone shaped cups for all the kids. And the cake smashing zone, we put Huxleys high chair in the living room for when it was time to dive into his cupcake.

The cake table! I bought a larger cake that is orange & yellow colored to match the Home Depot theme, with a black #1 candle. For Huxley, a giant individual cupcake. I made rice krispie treats with colored chocolate on each one, and made a label that says caution, wet paint. Not pictured, I also made pistachio bread for something different to have for the sweets.

Other decorations throughout the house. The fireplace has some black streamers, caution tape, and a stoplight sign that says Huxley is 1. And then some random signs on doors, and things like that.

It was a little chilly outside, but overall pretty nice and sunny! The kids were in and out the whole time. Riding on Hadleys electic scooter, and their Papa’s scooter, and just playing. It was fun to see all the cousins together, at all different ages too.

Cake smashing time! He wasn’t really into the cupcake, he just picked off the tiny sprinkles. We let him sit there for a little bit, but ended up getting him down after a little while.

Huxley lasted about two presents of opening them, and then he was done. He just wanted to crawl around and play with everyone, and all the paper and toys. He got some good new toys, I can’t wait to see him play with them.

The table tennis craft, was a fun little game. Hadley and I played a few rounds before she went to bed.

We had so much fun celebrating our little one year old!

Party details linked below:
Invitations: blog post
Plastic shovel spoons: Amazon
Yellow snack buckets: Amazon
Orange cone cups: Amazon
White paper snack cups: Amazon
Gold chocolate coins: Amazon
Orange worker baby onesie: Amazon
Caution tape: Amazon
Construction party supplies/banner: Amazon

Birthday Wish List.

My birthday is next Friday, so in about a week. I don’t really have big plans or anything, maybe get my nails done or use the massage gift card I still haven’t used. So, I thought it would be fun to make a wish list! Most of these items are higher priced, and I would not normally buy right now but it’s fun to have a wish list!

So here are the items…

Aquamarine ring – My birthstone is aquamarine, and I’ve been looking for a nice ring for awhile now. I like this one, and I especially love how you can add two bands to the ring also. I love the thick chunky ring look!

The Encyclopedia of Cocktails – I’ve heard so many good things about this book, I’d love to have it on my bar cart to display and to just use. The book features over 1,000 different cocktails to try!

Rothy’s – I want to try these shoes so bad, but I can’t seem to spend that much on shoes! They look so cute, soft, and comfy. I follow a few influencers on Instagram that rave about these!

Jewelry Cabinet Armoire – I need a good mirror for our bedroom, and I’m in desperate need of a jewelry box. I still have the same one since high school, it’s so tiny and old. My earrings don’t fit in my current one anymore.

Coco Chanel Mademoiselle – It’s been years since I’ve found a really good perfume that I like. The last perfume I loved was Sarah Jessica Parker, and it was discontinued. I want to try Coco Chanel and see if it can be my next favorite.

Popups Tote Bag – I think I saw this on a Facebook or Instagram ad, and it looks like the perfect summer pool/lake bag! It has pockets and compartments that would be perfect for trips to the pool or weekends at the lake.

Romwe Short Sleeve Blouse – This top looks super cute and dressy for the upcoming warmer months. I love the puffy sleeves.

It’s fun looking for wish list items for my birthday! What’s on your birthday wish list?

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Huxleys 1st Birthday Invites.

If you don’t know by now, I love to make anything with paper! Invitations, thank you notes, signs, even made my own wedding invitations! Here are the invites for my sons first birthday!

We are having a Home Depot theme! I cleared out our address and phone number for privacy reasons, but here is the invite! I even created a QR code for his wish list. I was so excited I figured it out, and it was really easy. If you are interested in learning more about QR codes, maybe I can write up a post about it.

I ordered orange envelopes off of Amazon, and used a black/white striped washi tape that I already had on hand for the back. I love using washi tape on envelopes, it gives it an extra touch don’t you think?

When you click on the QR code on the invite, it opens up on your cell phone and this is what comes up! I created a wish list for Huxley for people to decide what they’d like to get him. Personally, I’d prefer money for his account because he’s only one years old and will not remember anything he gets. Kevin and I are going to get him a few small things, but nothing crazy because he outgrows things so fast. Having a list, lets people decide what they’d like to get him and still gives a pretty open range for them to pick something.

We are excited to celebrate our little Huxley man this weekend! He turns one next week, but are celebrating this weekend. Home Depot style.

Hadley is 8.

Our little girl turns eight today! Sweet Hadley Mae! We celebrated this weekend by having eight of her friends over for a party! I’ve struggled with this for a while, but the last few years we decided to invite however many friends to celebrate as the age she is turning. So, for her eighth birthday, she had eight friends over. It’s too much for me to have a ton of friends at a party, there are too many to invite when you have three different classes of second graders. We narrow it down to the age she is turning, which might change in a few years but for now it works!

This year she chose an animal themed party, she just loves going to the zoo and loves all the animals!

I bought a few toy animals from Kroger actually and made them each little party hats! Hadley wanted a simple cake this year, just animals and a number eight!

For the food, I went simple and did snacks only. Since the time of the party wasn’t really during lunch or dinner, so I just did some snacks. I was shocked, but the girls actually asked for more fruit!

Instead of the traditional favors kids get at a birthday party, I got each of the girls a stuffed animal that started with the same initial as their name! I made them all their own lanyards and a few fun facts about their animal. They all loved it! After they all got their animals, and had fun with them for a little bit, they made collars for their animal.

After they made all of the collars, we had Doctor Kevin come in and give a health check to all the animals. It was so funny listening to all the girls come up with symptoms their animal has, and then the diagnosis Doctor Kevin came up with. The girls were laughing needless to say!

The activities I had planned didn’t last very long! So, we came up with the idea of doing a tic tac toe challenge! We had all the girls partner up, and whoever was the first to win three games won, and then so on and so on. Turns out that Miss Camryn is the tic tac toe queen!

Cake and present time! It’s so cute watching Hadleys friends watch her open her presents, who is super into cards, and who is super observant on gifts, etc. I love all the different personalities!

Some of the girls were posing like their animal would, they were really having fun with them.

Aren’t they adorable? I think they all had fun! Happy 8th birthday to our sweet Hadley Mae!

Brady turned 18.

Last week, this little boy that came into my life almost thirteen years ago, turned eighteen!

Bradys favorite meal is steak, asparagus, and potatoes. We got the steaks from Findlay Market, nice and big ones.

Father and sons, crazy how much these kids grow. My nephew Max on the far left is the tallest and keeps growing every time I see him it seems like!

Papa feeding Huxley his baby food, it was hilarious watching him. He was like, who is feeding me?? lol

Doesn’t matter how old kids get, they always want to rough house!

We put Huxley in this Saint Xavier onesie that Uncle Brian got him when he was first born. It was a little snug but wanted him to wear it since his uncle went there for high school. Now we need to get him some LaSalle gear since that’s where his dad went!

Happy 18th birthday Brady!