Friday Favorites –

Hi friends! Happy Friday! Here are my favorites this week.

What part of this home do you not like? I mean how gigantic it is, the pool, and then that water with one long dock? Buy me a lottery ticket, and I’m there. House photos can be found here.

Something that massages your eyes by itself? Another one to sign me up for! It seems interesting, and weird at the same time. But I’d be down for trying it out! Massager can be found here.

How cute is this good egg shirt? I thought it would be cute for Huxley to wear to egg hunts, or anything from here on out until Easter. Shirt is from Kohl’s and can be found here.

If Hadley really gets into softball, I’d love to buy some of these shoes for when she gets older and is dedicated to the sport. You can customize the shoe to a specific number! The shoes are a bit pricey FYI. Shoes can be found here.

I keep hearing about AI all over the news and internet. Honestly, it freaks me out! It totally reminds me of that movie with Will Smith iRobot. Scary stuff. When you google “artificial intelligence” their isn’t a website for it or anything, it’s just tons and tons of articles and websites about it. It’s so confusing, and weirds me out. The Today Show talked about it this morning, and I thought I’d put it here as a memory on the blog. To see where the AI stuff is in a few years from now. Let’s hope not running the world! Read more here.

Happy Friday everyone, have a great weekend! And as always, thanks for reading!

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One thought on “Friday Favorites –

  1. I just read a book this past week (fictional) about AI and how it’s progressed since the late ’80’s; I find it all a bit creepy too but then I see my “smart” robot floor cleaner and wonder how many years we really are from it when I have to fish that thing out from under furniture ever few minutes as it gets stuck and wedges itself right in there.

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