Weekly recap.

Recapping our week on the blog!

Monday September 12

After we drop off Hadley to school, we’ll walk or workout, and sometimes we’ll go outside for a few minutes on the front porch. Check out the flowers, pull some weeds, water the flowers, whatever we might need to do to the flowers. Our neighbors like to pull their annuals out of the ground each year, but I like to keep ours as long as they look nice. I mean, the weather is still in the eighties most days! Hadley has been having sour patch popsicles for her dessert lately!

Tuesday September 13

Super low-key day, hung around the house, did some laundry, took some good naps, picked up Hadley from school, and went to soccer practice.

Wednesday September 14

Some days, Hadley looks more grown up than others. This morning, she looked particularly older than normal, so I had to take a photo. Little brother Huxley fell asleep during soccer practice, I walked around the fields a little bit to keep him asleep. He takes a little cat nap before his last bottle of the day. When I give Huxley a bath, Hadley is super patient most nights just chilling in her room watching her iPad.

Thursday September 15

We like to change spots on where Huxley eats his baby food and drinks his sippy cup. He seems to really like it sitting by the window lately, so we’ve kept his little hand-me-down chair by the window. After school, Hadley has Spanish class and then we had meet the teacher night. It was a casual open house style, since we didn’t have the traditional meet the teacher before school started since it was a late start this year.

Friday September 16

When Huxley wakes up from his naps, he is almost always so happy. Reminds me of his sister so much, Hadley was the same way. Since Huxley has started eating baby food, Hadley thinks its super gross and never wants anything to do with it. For some reason, she wanted to feed him this night and he loved every second of it. Even drank all of his sippy cup for her! It was the cutest thing to watch. I recently talked about Kroger Boost in my Instagram stories, but it’s a new thing for us and we love it! So worth it!

Saturday September 17

Saturday, we pretty much just chilled around the house all day. Played outside, played inside, Huxley took a nap, Hadley played all day long. Someone posted this saying on social media, and I re-posted it because it’s so very true. I know I’m going to miss these busy days, soaking every little moment in.

Happy Monday everyone, have a great week!

Friday favorites.

Happy Friday everyone! It’s been a week around here; we’ve all came down with some sort of cold / sickness. Nothing major that we didn’t recover from in a day or so, but Kevin seems to have gotten it the worst.


We’ve been on a Chick-Fil-A sauce kick lately. We cut up some chicken breast, put some Montreal steak seasoning on chicken, and cook it in the skillet. Yes, you read that right, we’ll put steak seasoning on chicken. If you haven’t tried it, you should, it’s soo good! You can buy the sauce here.


When Huxley started to get a stuffy nose this week, I bought this kit off of Amazon. I’m a huge preventative person and like to nip sickness in the bud as soon as it starts. I don’t want anything to turn into something worse. And sometimes yes, it will turn into something worse, but it can’t hurt to get a head start on the process. I put two drops of the vapor drops in his diffuser in his room, it’s not too strong and I’ll only put it on for an hour time limit when he takes his naps. I don’t put it on all night. The vapor rub, I’ll rub a tiny bit under his nostrils after I clean them out with one of those nose squirters they give you from the hospital. He still sounds a little congested and seems to be helping. Kit can be found here.


I bought this toy for our trip to the beach, and Huxley is still loving it. All the rubber things pull through the top, and he can chew on them safely, and it entertains him. Toy can be found here.


Huxley just started to crawl! He’s not full-on crawling, but he’s doing it his own weird way for right now until he can fully grasp it. He’ll either get up on all fours, and crawl super-fast, or he’ll lie on his stomach and push with his legs and get his one arm stuck so he’ll roll over and then move to where he wants to go. He’ll do that over and over until he gets to where he wants to be. So now, we have to make sure all the tiny little things are off the floor, or he’ll find them and put them in his mouth!


Today is two years with my Telluride. And I’m still loving it so much! It’s given me zero trouble, and it’s my favorite SUV I’ve driven so far. Well, I take that back. When we had the big Yukon, that was probably my favorite SUV, it was so big, and we had so much room. But the Telluride, it’s pretty good also. Still loving it two years later. I wrote more about my Telluride last year here.

Happy Friday everyone! Have a great weekend.

As always, thanks for reading!

Traveling with a baby.

After our recent trip to the beach, post can be read here, I wanted to share some of my own tips for traveling with a baby. On the plane, in the car, and on the beach. My son is six months old, and we flew to Florida with him and our seven-year-old daughter.

  1. Pacifier for takeoff / landing. I gave our son a pacifier for takeoff, and on the way home nursed him. Both seemed to work great as a protection for his ears, just in case they seem to bother him. You really never know how babies are going to react to flying, so I wanted to make sure he had some options.

2. Plane toys. I bought some new toys he had never seen before and brought a few of his favorites. It helped to have a few new toys to keep his interest. And then we had a few of his favorites also. One piece of advice, try not to bring to many toys or things that can easily roll on a plane. Or you’ll be grabbing things off the floor constantly and wiping them off.

3. Changing mat / blanket. We always have the changing mat in the diaper bag, but it came in great use on the plane to lay it down on the dirty seats to give him some type of barrier. And then his blanket in case it was cold, or just to get snuggle with.

4. Formula / Ziplocs. Not pictured. I brought about six bottles worth of formula in small Ziploc baggies in the diaper bag. Each baggie had one bottle worth of formula measured out. I know they make formula containers, but I love a Ziploc bag and it saved lots of room. We also had a small container of formula in a can in one of our carry-on bags, just in case we were to get stuck somewhere we had plenty. I was still breastfeeding at the time, but not on a regular basis so I was able to nurse him if we had no other means to feed him.

5. Bottles. Not pictured. I brought two bottles in the diaper bag, and while we were on the plane, I put a few ice cubes from our drinks to rinse out the bottle and not leave the formula to dry up.

6. Stroller / car seat. We brought our own stroller and car seat; they are considered a necessity on the plane so they were not a “checked” or “carry-on” bag if you will. It was great to keep him in the car seat, on the stroller, right up until we boarded the plane. And then once we were in Florida, it was nice to have the stroller. And for the car seat, I was worried about not having the base in the rental car, but we just buckled him up the good old fashion way when you put the seat belt through the loop of the car seat.

7. Stroller fan. The stroller fan is a must, we used it so much one of the legs broke off when we got home. Being in the hot Florida heat, you definitely need a fan for the baby. The stroller fan can be found here.

8. Baby crib / hatch sound machine. We used this company to rent baby gear. It was the best idea! We rented a baby crib, a bouncy seat, and the hatch sound machine. I highly recommend using the same things you use at home for bedtime when traveling. It makes it a little easier being in a new environment for the baby.

9. Tent. This tent has been great this summer! Believe it or not, the tent wraps up into a small oval shape. We crammed this into our suitcase and used it for naps on the beach. We’ve also used it for naps at the pool. Baby tent can be found here.

10. Baby carrier. We used the carrier a few times, in the airport and as we walked on the beach. It comes in handy, and it’s been a great way to be able to do more things hands free. The baby carrier we have is a bit old, as it was given to me from a friend. Here is a similar one here.

Sometimes traveling with babies gets a bad rap, but if you do a little bit of preparing and pre-planning, it can be very smooth and easy!

Thanks for reading!

Summer 2022 / I want to remember.

Every single year, I say this same thing about summer ending. I never want it to end. Summer is my most favorite season and I’m always sad when it starts to get cooler. I love taking a look back at the summer season, so we can always remember the fun things we did, the places we went, and how we felt.

And so here we go, Summer 2022…

I want to remember the day I quit my job to stay home with my kids.

I want to remember how hard it was at first to quit my job, mentally.

I want to remember the first time Huxley took a ride on the boat; he fell asleep from the fresh air.

I want to remember joining the pool, and how many times we went. Best money well spent.

I want to remember Hadley joining the swim team and loving every second of it.

I want to remember the look on Hadleys face when she got Huxley to fall asleep by rubbing his hand.

I want to remember going to our school festival and how much fun Hadley has with her friends.

I want to remember how much Kevin enjoys coaching softball.

I want to remember summer camp, and how much Hadley enjoyed going every day.

I want to remember I enjoy planting flowers every spring in our front yard.

I want to remember Hadleys first swim meet, and how nervous she was and didn’t want to miss any of her events.

I want to remember Kevin umpiring girls’ softball. He did it as a part time job, temporarily, but he enjoyed it so much he just might do it every summer. We loved watching him umpire, it was fun to watch the older girls play some ball.

I want to remember giving Hadleys softball team and assistant coaches little goodie bags at the end of the season.

I want to remember going to the pool for dinner, and swimming until it was bedtime.

I want to remember how many times we went to the Zoo.

I want to remember how many times we went to visit Kevin at the firehouse after we went to the Zoo.

I want to remember celebrating Natalie turning 15 years old! These kids grow up so fast.

I want to remember Kevin sending me “just because” flowers my first few weeks after quitting my job.

I want to remember Hadley helping pick out some flowers for the front yard.

I want to remember Kevin being the godfather to Graham.

I want to remember Huxleys first time wearing the baby life jacket and not crying one time! All smiles.

I want to remember the first time Huxley swam in the lake, all smiles again!

I want to remember how happy Hadley is in any body of water.

I want to remember going to the pool during a weekday with Kevin, sweating our assess off, and Huxley took a nap in the baby tent.

I want to remember taking the boat on the river and having the best time.

I want to remember Kevin surfing on the river and taking a photo with Great American Ballpark in the background, and Huxley just chilling in his lifejacket.

I want to remember Hadley tried surfing and wakeboarding all by herself on the river! She didn’t get up, but she tried a few times and wasn’t scared!

I want to remember going to the Reds game with the kids, and friends from the firehouse.

I want to remember the swim team awards banquet, which was really just a huge pool party after dinner.

I want to remember having a neighborhood movie night on our front yard. Blow up movie screen. Best purchase.

I want to remember figuring out the Zoo has rooms for breastfeeding mothers, so we went even more after finding that out!

I want to remember how excited Hadley gets visiting Kevin at the firehouse. She almost always gets a popsicle every time.

I want to remember how relaxed I felt at a friends pool during the middle of a Friday.

I want to remember Kevin and Hadley doing fireworks together in the driveway, because we saved the big scary ones for Dad.

I want to remember Brady flipping Hadley off his shoulders in our neighbors pool. And Hadley cat sitting for them.

I want to remember Brady and Natalie wanting to hold Huxley.

I want to remember how much care Kevin puts into our boat.

I want to remember celebrating Kaiden’s birthday, and Hadley having a ball playing all the games outside.

I want to remember the few times Kevin went with us to the Zoo.

I want to remember going to the library and doing the challenges they had for kids.

I want to remember going to the Delhi Skirt game, and Hadley jumping on every bounce house.

I want to remember Hadleys soccer team winning their pre-season tournament and every girl on her team got a medal because they won FIRST place!

I want to remember how much fun Hadley has going to school before it starts and finding out who her teacher is.

I want to remember the first time Hadley gave Huxley a bottle.

I want to remember how much Kevin and Hadley love to go bowling. The one time we went this summer, the a/c was out and it was sweltering in there.

I want to remember celebrating Graham turning one years old.

I want to remember getting Hadley a fresh haircut before school starts.

I want to remember going to a new park.

I want to remember how much Hadley really loves soccer.

I want to remember going to dinner with one of Hadleys friends from school.

I want to remember going to the Back to School Bash by myself, and still having fun.

I want to remember buying the Moms on Call book and loving the results so far.

I want to remember Hadley getting “temporary” pink dye in her hair.

I want to remember getting Huxley baptized.

I want to remember how great of an idea it was to have the baptism after party at our pool.

I want to remember Huxleys Godfather flew in from Texas to be there.

I want to remember flying to Florida the day after Huxley got baptized.

I want to remember being so nervous flying with Huxley.

I want to remember laughing so hard Labor Day weekend at the lake.

I want to remember getting Hadley ready for school, putting her name on all the supplies.

Summer is over, and it was one to remember.

Our short trip to the beach.

We had an amazing, short few days at the beach earlier this month! When our daughters start date for school got pushed back to the Tuesday after Labor Day, we decided to hop on a jet plane to Fort Myers Beach!

We flew this time, and used our companion passes you can use through American Express. I think it was because of the “C” word, I had two passes that hadn’t expired yet! Hadley was beyond excited to fly! She has flown before, but she was little like two and three years old, so she doesn’t remember it at all. This trip was like her first time that’ll she remember. She was so excited at the airport, she couldn’t sit still. We arrived at the airport earlier than normal, traveling with Huxley and all. It was a breeze getting through security.

For takeoff, I grabbed a random pacifier from home, and he surprisingly took it. To help with his ears in case they started to hurt. It was his nap time, so he slept for the first half of the flight. It was awesome! And, we had the whole row behind us empty so Kevin hopped back there and took Huxley once he woke up so he could lay down and play with toys and stretch out. This kid does not like to be held for long periods of time. During takeoff, the look on Hadley’s face was priceless. I wish I would’ve grabbed a photo, but my arms were a little full. She was excited and a little nervous like woah this is fast!

When we arrived at the Florida airport, we got our rental car. A Jeep with a soft top! It was fun! I will say I would never buy a jeep for myself, but it was fun for the short few days we were there.

I had rented a few baby items for Huxley, since we flew, we couldn’t take all the baby gear like we would’ve if we would’ve driven. I rented a baby crib, a swing, and the Hatch sound machine. When we got to the condo, it was all waiting for us outside. It was amazing! And the company was so nice and friendly, and made it super easy for us. The company is called Posh Baby Equipment Rentals and can be found by clicking on this link.

Our condo was right on the beach! It was amazing. We took this selfie when we got there, and kind of cut Hadley’s head off haha

The weather was a little rainy when we got there, but luckily it didn’t rain the rest of the time! Here are a few photos of the condo. The beach chairs had to stay on the grass, you couldn’t move them to the sand. But it was so nice because we would set all of our stuff down on the chairs, as we got our tent and chairs set up on the beach. The condo provided the tent, chairs, and beach toys.

The jeep we rented! Kevin was in heaven; he’s always wanted a jeep. We did ride around with the top down once, at night. During the day would’ve been too hot for the kids. Now if we go back on a no kid trip sometime, definitely have the top down all the time!

Huxley and I took a short walk around the property while Kevin and Hadley went to the grocery store. After we got all settled, we went to dinner at Junkanoo which is a great pizza place just a few blocks down the street. I didn’t take any photos at dinner; I was so tired!

The beach felt amazing, it was a little warm but still felt good to cool off in. Lots of seaweed you had to walk through to get past the waves. It took Hadley a little while to get over that part, and then she was fine.

Here’s the condo, looking from the beach. It was pretty empty. We’re not used to beaches being so empty, we love to people watch. So, this was different, but the best part about it all was the condo was literally steps from the beach. We didn’t have to pack up the car, drive to the condo, it was all right there. It was great!

First day at the beach! All smiles! Even from little Huxley. We found this little boogie board for Hadley to use, and she used it every day. And I love how she wears hats in the ocean, it keeps the water out of her eyes, and she doesn’t have to squint as much because she doesn’t really wear sunglasses. Huxley took a couple naps on the beach; we actually crammed this tent into our suitcase. We used it at the pool all summer too, it was great! Just toss the stroller fan in there, and he’s good to go. The tent and chairs provided by the condo, weren’t in the greatest condition but they got the job done.

Here’s our little lanai, it was perfect with furniture, a coffee table, and a cool little rack that broke down to hang towels and bathing suits on.

We went to dinner by the marina, Hadley’s eyes were so bloodshot from the pool. She kept opening her eyes underwater, and it was a saltwater pool! We forgot her goggles at home, so that was part of it. After dinner we went to the famous Love Boat for some ice cream!

After dinner and ice cream, just Hadley and I went on a walk on the beach at night. Kevin put Huxley to bed. It was so nice! She was so excited to just be with me by herself. We walked pretty far and looked for crabs but no luck. She and I had a great time together.

The next day, I took a fast walk on the beach by myself. It was amazing. No headphones, no music, just the sound of the ocean air. It was so nice.

Hadley loved her room! She had a TV, and her own bathroom. Huxley was in our room, with this little portable crib.

Hadley loved to pretend she was a surfer girl. Tying the board to her wrist. Sometimes Huxley would nap on the beach, or he would nap up at the condo. Kevin and I would take turns sitting up at the condo with him. And Hadley loved it, because she got our undivided attention for a little bit.

The pool was so nice, we pretty much had it to ourselves. At the most, there would be one or two other people. We also crammed Huxleys pool floatie in our suitcase, it breaks down very small.

Probably one of THE best parts about this condo was, Publix was right across the street! Like a crosswalk away. It was awesome! We walked over a few times for sure!

The condo right next door to us had an open house, so Kevin and Hadley went in and looked around just to be curious. We were guessing maybe $500-$600k, nope! It was almost $900k! Good lord.

On our last night, we stayed in for dinner and grilled out steak. We used the grills they had down by the pool. After dinner, we all went on a walk on the beach. The sky was like we were in a different world! I didn’t edit the photos at all, but the sky looks like we were walking in a different world. It was pretty cool. Huxley has a thing for Hadleys hair in almost every group photo we try to take. Kevin volunteered to wear Huxley in the baby carrier, I cannot wear that thing for long periods of time. It hurts my neck! It was such a nice night to walk on the beach and watch the sunset.

After the kids went to bed, Kevin and I sat out on the lanai and watched the storm rolling in. We had the best weather too, it rained on our first day, and then no rain until after dark on our last day. It was perfect!

A few more pictures of the condo, it was perfect for us.

For the flight home, we had about five hours to kill after check out. I wish I would’ve known to ask for a later check out time, so we could’ve stayed there. So, we went out to brunch at First Watch and took our time there. And then we visited my Aunt Cindy! It was good to see her and a comfortable place to kill some time before we headed to the airport. I was dreading hanging out at a restaurant for that many hours with the kids.

The flight home was even smoother! Huxley had his own seat, and if you can afford to, I highly recommend getting your baby their own seat so if you need to lay them down you can. I can’t imagine holding him the entire flight. We had the whole right side, and then Kevin and Hadley had one seat open on their side, so it was perfect. Huxley was awake the majority of the flight, but he was so very good. A few of the people sitting around us, commented on how good of a flyer our kids are. Hadley loved flying and wants to fly everywhere instead of drive from now on. She said her favorite part about flying is when we take off.

It was a short trip, but just enough to get me into that relaxation mode. All I have to do is think of the ocean waves, and that ocean breeze, and I’m instantly relaxed. It was a great time to restart before school, and a few days to get away from reality.

Weekly recap.

Recapping our week on the blog today! The first day of school, working out, and the first Bengals game!

Monday September 5

Started the week off with going through all of Hadley’s school supplies getting them all ready, putting the names on everything. I loved doing that as a kid and thinking Hadley does too! I bought a new chore chart, this one, to have a fresh new start for the new school year.

Tuesday September 6

First day of second grade! I think parents really say they can’t believe how old their kids are each year. It goes so fast it’s insane. You can read more about her first day of second grade here. Now that school is in, I’m starting to get on more of a routine during the day. After we picked up Hadley after school, we met Kevin at Kroger to fill up our gas tanks. We always do that together with our fuel points. Hadley requested her favorite meal for the first day of school dinner, steak and mac/cheese!

Wednesday September 7

I’ve been doing some kind of exercise during Huxleys morning nap. Hadley wanted her soccer game hairstyle for school. On this day, she woke up super early like at 6am so she took a shower before school and I braided her hair wet. Kevin went to the dermatologist and had a few moles removed, the big one on his head was bleeding a lot so I took a picture of it so he could see what it looked like. After dinner, we all just sat around in the living room talking and playing with the kids.

Thursday September 8

I ran a mile without stopping, and I was so damn proud of myself. Ever since I had Huxley, it’s taken me longer than I wanted to be able to run. It feels like all of my insides are falling out! haha But this particular morning, I just did it and it felt amazing. Pushing the stroller, and Huxley in it, while running isn’t easy but I feel like I’m slowly getting back to it. I went through our basement storage closet and moved all the bins around, so the fall / Halloween are more in the front. I seriously cannot believe fall is right around the corner.

Friday September 9

Ran another mile, and although I felt faster than the previous day, I was slower. But still, it doesn’t matter. I’m moving my body somehow someway, and that’s all it takes. Huxley always kicks off blankets, he has since we brought him home from the hospital. Can’t wait for this winter! Huxley is starting to pull up on his crib, so I think it’s time to move the mattress down now. I love the stage of babies where you don’t have to lean far down to put them into a crib. Hadley was a bit tired the first week of school, she was basically a couch potato every night. She had no homework all week, so we just let her chill.

Saturday September 10

Kevin worked a 48-hour shift, so we were all happy to see him in the morning. Cinnamon rolls for Hadley. She doesn’t eat them all, we save them and reheat them throughout the week. It’s been hard for me to cut the grass being home with Huxley, and with Kevin working sometimes the grass gets a little long. Our nice neighbors offered to cut our grass; he loves to cut his grass so he loved it anyways. Hadley and Kevin went to the lake for the day, Brady brought some friends down so Kevin could pull them wakeboarding, tubing, etc. We tried the Kroger Boost, and it was awesome! The price it costs to use them for the year, will more than pay for itself. Love having groceries delivered.

Sunday September 11

We tried these keto cupcakes from the box, and oh my goodness they were so gross! They came out of the oven looking like biscuits or muffins. We planned to use them for dessert to celebrate a Bengals win, so we fancied them up with icing and sprinkles hoping that would make them taste better. No! Do not buy them, they are terrible. I feel like a homemade recipe would taste better. We braved the weather for Hadley’s soccer game, thank goodness the rain held off, but the sun was still a shining, so I used an umbrella for Huxley and I. The Bengals played the Steelers, and oh my was it a game! Down to the last minute, and then went into overtime. We lost, but it was pretty exciting to watch. Since we made it to the Superbowl last year, everyone is pumped to watch this season!

Happy Monday everyone, have a great week!

Friday favorites.

Happy Friday peeps! The past few days have felt a little cooler than usual, it’s been nice! Nothing much going on this weekend other than the first NFL Bengals game! WHO DEY! Who knows what else we’ll get into. Here are a few favorites I’m loving this week!


I have no idea why it took us so long to buy one of these, but it’s been awesome! We have a very old TV, and I’m surprised it’s not bit the bullet by now. With so many deals on TV’s all these years, I don’t know why we haven’t gotten a new one either! But it is what it is. One day we’ll join the rest of the world with an up-to-date TV. Roku link here.


I’ve been wanting one of these necklaces for a while and couldn’t find one that I really like. When I found this one, I ordered it and tried it out for a few days and loved it! I don’t like necklaces that get jumbled up when you wear them, and then I feel like I have to constantly keep touching the necklace to fix it. For me, this one will stay put. Necklace link here.


Hadley loves these dolls; I just don’t get the hype. They look creepy to me. But Hadley loves them, so she bought two of them with her own money. She’ll play with it for a little bit, and then she displays them on her dresser. It’s cute. Doll linked here.


I bought this dress for my son Huxleys baptism last week. It was very comfy, and I felt great in it. Plus, it has pockets if you like that in a dress. Dress linked here.

Second grader.

We have an official second grader! First day of school today. It was a super late start since the school is getting air conditioning and it wasn’t ready in time for school to start last week. We didn’t mind the extra days, we had a great summer!

The day before school, we spent most of the day getting things ready and organized. Put her name on all her supplies, took the tags off the new socks and undies, etc. And, she had a surprise package on the front porch! From Aunt Amy / Godmother, a back to school goodie bag! It was so cute!

I bought a new chore chart to start off this school year with. We were a little lenient with chores over the summer, so I thought a fresh clean slate would be a good idea. I had Hadley pick a few chores, and I picked the rest.

I don’t know how old these types of books go as far as grade wise goes, but I just love them. It helps calm the nerves a little bit, and it’s something fun. I’ve gotten her this type of book since kindergarten. She was excited to read the book the night before school, and to sleep on her new pillowcase from Aunt Amy.

I started this tradition in kindergarten also, and she’s loved it ever since! Super cute idea, and another thing to help calm the nerves.

Fun little things for her first day morning. Kroger was completely out of donuts! So, we made cinnamon rolls last night and was going to reheat them this morning. She was too nervous to eat, but the option was there if she wanted something.

Traditional front porch photo! I look forward to these photos every single year, they are just the best. I love watching her grow up.

I think we are passed the tears phase of the first day of school, she was super excited and all smiles. She was definitely nervous, but the good kind of nervous. We arrived at school a tad later than I’d like, but we waited on Dad to make it home from the firehouse so he could see her off on her first day.

After school pickup, and happy as can be! Tuesdays are going to be her ICEE days; we always get an ICEE on a specific day each week. Something to look forward to!

We had steak for dinner tonight! Everyone’s favorite meal. Hadley had mac and cheese, and we had asparagus. Delicious! It feels so weird starting school after Labor Day this year but was also nice to have an extra week of summer.

Happy new school year to all the kiddos!

Friday favorites.

TGIF! I’m so glad it’s Friday! Ready for this weekend, we have a school function, and Huxley is getting baptized! Here are a few favorites I’m loving this week!


Just started using this cleaner and it’s awesome! It reminds me of the Dawn Powerwash, but for things non-dish wise. It’s awesome and I just love lemon scent cleaning stuff! Clean freak linked here.


This mop is pretty awesome! You can add whatever cleaning solution you want to the container, and it has a sprayer to spray as you mop. Mop linked here.


I’ve used this bag for the pool and lake so far this summer and a big fan! It has multi-compartments in the outside for various things. I put diapers, wipes, sunscreen, and bug spray in the outside pockets. Inside, I’ll fold the pool towels, so we have enough for everyone. Bag linked here.


You know you’re getting old when you buy a squeegee for your shower right?? When the shower is your least favorite thing to clean, you try to find fun things to find that can help! This squeegee has been awesome to use after each shower, at least I use it after each shower which does help for glass shower doors. Squeegee linked here.

We bought this chair umbrella for the sole purpose to have an umbrella at the pool! When you belong to a community pool that doesn’t have many umbrellas to spare, you do what you can do make do when you have a baby that requires shade! Umbrella linked here.