Weekly Recap.

We had a lovely week/weekend, and I’m recapping it all on the blog!

Monday, March 28

Hadley had her last indoor soccer game of the season last Monday night, and her little bro is her biggest fan. He just doesn’t know it yet! Just love watching her play sports, I know these years go by so fast so I’m trying to savor every little moment.

For dinner, we tried this recipe in the crockpot, and it was pretty good! Found the recipe from Kristin at @everydayisdarling on Instagram. I don’t know if our crockpot is super high, but we cooked it for about four hours, and it could’ve been like two or three.

Tuesday, March 29

On some rare occurrences, I get to take Hadley to school in the mornings she gets super excited. I’m usually feeding her little brother which feels like every hour some days. Plus, it feels like I haven’t driven in forever, so the quick drive to school works.

Started working out and loving it! I couldn’t wait to get the all clear from the doc to start exercising again, which wasn’t too much longer after delivery. Four weeks instead of the usual six, I’ll take it!

Slowly introducing tummy time to the little man on occasion. He doesn’t really like it just yet, but I count laying on our chest while he’s on his stomach tummy time too so he’s getting practice.

Kevin cut the grass for the first time this season, it’s so green and thick! It might be a little cold outside, but the grass looks like Spring is here to me!

Wednesday, March 30

Huxley is starting to smile, and it’s the cutest! Somedays, he’s fussier than others, so we think of different ways to distract him! 99% of the time, when you walk outside, he instantly calms down. God bless that little guy; he’s going to love the outdoors just as much as his family does.

Thursday, March 31

How we take showers during the day when it’s just the two of us. I put him in his seat, or lounger in the bathroom doorway, and he’ll usually fall asleep. The sound of the bathroom fan, and the shower is like a giant sound machine!

My friend Laura came over to meet Huxley! He is crying, but it was time to eat, and I wanted her to hold him before he ate for what feels like forever sometimes!

Kevin burping him at night, sometimes he won’t burp for me, but he does for Kevin most times.

Friday, April 1

Friday was pretty low key. We started the day off by going to Hadley’s school for their all-school mass. She loves it when we go, and while we’re both on leave why not! After school, we put together a different swing we have to see if Huxley likes it. He loves it!

Saturday, April 2

Hadley has finally come around with her little brother, she loves to hold him and her favorite thing is to tickle him to wake up to eat! Went to the basement to change over the laundry, put Huxley on the bean bag next to Hadley. The look on his face is like, where am I?

We bought new light fixtures for the outside of our house, along with new bulbs. Kevin has been obsessed with how bright it makes our house look now. Love it.

Sunday, April 3

My Dad came over to celebrate a very belated Christmas. My Mom was sick, so she stayed home. The kids had fun opening presents in April, that’s for sure!

Happy Tuesday friends!

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