Movie Night – The Grinch

Last week’s movie night was The Grinch! We like the cartoon version much better than the Jim Carey version. The movie can be found here. Here are all the fun snacks!

I always surprise myself how I whip together these movie nights with almost everything we have on hand at the house. I will pick up a few snacks here and there, but I almost always try to use what we already have.

We had Hershey kisses, two green apples, two Tum-E Yummie drinks covered in a Grinch juice wrapper, M&M’s as Grinch pills, pistachio pudding in jello-shot cups, and candy canes!

I found these printable Grinch hats on Pinterest, and surprised Hadley wanted to wear them!

She loves not knowing the movie each time we do a movie night! It’s something super simple and easy, but she looks forward to it each time we do it.

Hadley had a busy week, and rarely falls asleep unless she’s in her bed! So cute!

And if you missed any of my previous movie nights, you can find them below:
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