Movie night – Storks

Last week’s movie was Storks! Some weeks I’ll ask my daughter if she wants the movie to be one she has seen before or not, so this week was one she has not seen before. Or at least I hope, because I can’t remember all of the ones she’s seen. Anyways, this one is a cute one. The movie can be found here on Amazon.

Hadley loves the anticipation of what the movie is going to be, and the themed snacks to go along with it. I stumped her this week, she had no clue what the movie was! Yes!

And just like every movie night, the majority of the snacks are what I already have on hand. The only thing I had to buy for this movie was the mini-Starbursts for the stork beak. For the mason jars, I cut out a long beak and taped it to the glass and poured milk in, so it was supposed to look like a stork. And we had orange straws already. Hadley doesn’t really drink milk, but I do, and it was cute anyways!

To make these storks was super easy! First of all, the giant marshmallows I had already were semi-hard like on the verge of being pitched but I kind of like a semi-hard marshmallow so that doesn’t bother me. Second, I ripped part of the mini-Starburst off to make the beak, and smushed it with my hand to flatten/soften it up a little bit. Third, we always have candy eyes, so I just used a tiny bit of white melting chocolate as the glue to adhere everything to the marshmallow. And lastly, I have edible markers we used for cookies one time to draw the beaks onto the Starbursts. I made these while Hadley was at school during the day, and then covered them up in foil so they wouldn’t get too hard. They were perfect, and Hadley loved it.

The movie Storks is a cute one!

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